Five Important Things that can Make Your Book a Hit

Whether you are starting your journey as a writer or have been proving your skills in the field for a long time, every writer understands that it’s not just about the words you write. So many more factors contribute to making your book a hit.

Every year, thousands of books are published. Many of these works go unrecognized, while others gather appreciation and global acclaim. It’s not just about luck. After all, there have to be many reasons that create a distinction between a wonderful and a subpar book.

The key to creating a great book is to stay dedicated and motivated. This means that you have to be consistent and honest with your work from when you write your first line to when you send it out for publication.

While you focus on writing the best book, here are a few essential tips that can help you ensure your work’s success.

1. Create a Catchy Topic

Whether a reader looks online or walks through the aisles of a bookstore, your book’s topic is one of the first things that will catch their eye. Since it will be your first chance to interact with a potential reader, you must make it special.

You must remember that the market for every niche and genre is saturated. In such times, most books doing well and standing out have a great and captivating topic. Therefore, this small but significant part of your book needs your utmost attention.

Some writers choose to write their topic by the end of their work. However, it is always better to start collecting the options and brainstorming early. This way, you will have a lot of brilliant ideas by the time your work is ready to be sent out.

2. Hire an Illustrator

Many fiction genres need a professional illustrator’s help to ensure that strong images accompany your story. These images can play a significant role in setting your work apart from the rest of literature in the market.

If you are looking for the best book illustrators in the UK, make sure that you ask them for their works in the same genre. This practice ensures that your aspiring illustrator has enough hands-on experience in creating a similar book.

You can also share your book summary or hand-drawn sketches with them and ask them to provide you with a sample. A work sample can help you figure out if they would be the right match for your need throughout the book.

Make sure to read their reviews and testimonials to ensure that you are making the right choice. If you see frequent bad reviews and complaints regarding punctuality or quality of work, do not worry. There are plenty more options for you to explore.

3. Read Similar Works

There are many works worldwide that have not lost their power for decades. After all, there is something special about these works that sets them apart. There may be many factors contributing to it, and you need to consider each and every one of these factors.

Ask yourself, what is so special about these works, what sets them apart, and how can you incorporate these elements in your work?

You need to take a deep dive into famous books from your genre to find the answer. After all, there is no exaggeration in saying that you can learn a lot about writing your book and making it succeed from the successful people in the field.

Therefore, try to read as many books from your genre and niche as you can. Of course, that does not mean that you have to read every book. Instead, go through the book descriptions and summaries to see what is closest to your idea.

This practice can help you enhance the idea for your book and open doors to many more perspectives that you may not have considered. Hence, you will stay connected to your genre and offer the reader something innovative to get excited about.

4. Remember the Target Audience

Whether you are writing fantasy fiction based on the world of elves or working on a self-help book, keeping the target audience in your mind can help you write a great book and ensure that it’s recognized by the right readers.

You can do some research and see who is buying books similar to yours. You can also read these books to see what sets them apart for the reader. No, the goal is not to copy their themes but to understand what sets their work apart.

After all, there are thousands of works that still remain among best sellers at the bookstores even after decades of their publication.

If you have already written some books, you can get in touch with your audience through your author’s website. Interact with them and see what they would like to read from you. It can help you engage more readers even before your work is sent out.

5. Think About Marketing

In an ideal world, you can self-publish your book and hope for the reader to come across your work on a beautiful day. However, in reality, that is not a good enough strategy for you to market your work. You need to cover all your bases.

It is essential for every writer to have an author’s website and a strong presence on social media platforms. These platforms can help you promote your work and hype it up to the readers even before it’s in the market.

You can also consider having an eBook of your work for readers who like reading on the go. You can ask your friends, family, and fan base to share their reviews to captivate your work. This practice can add more value to your work than you may think.

Do not forget to capitalize all your achievements on your author’s bio and social media handles. You can also make promotional videos to boost your work and ensure that it gathers enough hype for readers to be excited about what’s coming.

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