How a Lightweight Bike Improves a Child’s Cycling Experience

Buying a new bike for a child is an exciting time. Most children love cycling and the freedom it gives them, but the right bike goes a long way in determining how enjoyable the experience can be. After all, if your child finds it difficult to lift her bike from the ground, or cannot steer it easily, she might not find cycling to be as enjoyable as you would have hoped. This is why, according to the experts at Woom, lightweight bikes are the best choice for kids.

Lightweight Bikes are Easier to Manage

Whether your child is of toddler age or a bit older, her first bike should always be a lightweight one. Think about it. The average 4-year-old weighs around 40 pounds. The average kids’ bike weighs between 18 and 26 pounds. This means that some kids are lugging bikes that are half their own body weight. This is usually not very enjoyable for the child and can make it harder for her to steer or turn her bike. It is also much harder for a child to pedal a heavy bike than a lightweight one. Children riding heavy bikes will often ride in a straight line but when the time comes to turn back again, they will stop, get off, and then turn the bike manually rather than turning as they are riding.

Choosing the Best Lightweight Bike for Your Child

For very young children, balance bikes are ideal. These bikes tend to be lightweight in nature because they don’t have pedals or heavy drive chains. They are designed to be light and small, making it easier for children to learn how to cycle.

When it comes to balancing bikes, you need to make sure that your child can comfortably sit on the saddle with her feet flat on the ground. This means that seat height is the best indicator of suitability when buying such a bike. You need to measure the inseam of the child and then find a balance bike with a minimum seat height that is between a half to an inch lower.

For older children, you can find lightweight bikes in specialist cycle shops. Look for a frame made from aluminum rather than steel. Aluminum bikes are more expensive than steel bikes, but they are much lighter. They also tend to last much longer than cheaper steel bikes as they are surprisingly strong despite being light, and they are more durable because they are resistant to rust and corrosion.

By far the most compelling reason to buy a lightweight bike for your child is the fact that it will improve her cycling experience. She will enjoy a comfortable ride and will find it much easier to maneuver the bike.

Whatever your child’s age it is always important to buy a bike that she can ride now. Do not buy her a bike that she will grow into because if she cannot enjoy it now, she is unlikely to use it when she is older.


The temptation to buy a cheap but heavy steel bike for a child is strong because children quickly grow; as well as this, lightweight bikes are more expensive. Nevertheless, if you want your child to enjoy cycling for a long time, introducing them to a lightweight bike is a particularly good idea. The lighter the bike, the more enjoyable the cycling will be and the more likely it is that your child will develop a love for it that will stay with her into adulthood. This will help keep her active, fit, and healthy.

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