Influence of Social Media in Daily Life

Be it posting a photo on Instagram or writing posts on Facebook or connecting with your network in LinkedIn or messaging your closed ones via WhatsApp, the influence of social media can be seen everywhere.

We bet all of us has explored the world of social media in one form or another. 

What is Social Media?

Social media is a medium to interact with masses through online technologies. It helps in creating posts, status and sharing of ideas, information, photos, videos, career interests and other forms of expression.

Now social media, has a great positive as well as a negative influence in our day to day life.

Positive Influence of Social Media:

1. Connecting people 

The biggest influence of social media on our lives is that it helps to connect people. Whether, it be adding a friend on Facebook or following an influencer on Instagram, following a celebrity on Twitter or connecting with people in your network via LinkedIn. Helps in connection with new people, and makes easy in meeting new contacts.

2. Reviews For The Product

Earlier before buying any product or service, we were dependent on the advertisement or word of mouth from their closed ones. But in this digital era and the influence of social media, people have started posting their reviews online on different platforms.

3. Sales and Marketing

For any business, a seller needs more customers for their products. But in offline sales and marketing, business is bound to a limited area. And the cost of marketing, banners, pamphlets, is also there. 

But with the influence of social media, a person can register their business online. Sell it across the nation or even across the globe. And marketing is also very easy on Instagram or Facebook or even WhatsApp marketing can be done.

social media

4. Impact on Politics

The social media campaign had a great impact on people. Politicians can easily express their views and get people’s opinions about any topic. Be it India’s 2014 Lok Sabha Election, the major role was that of Facebook and Twitter by which campaigning was done.

5. Engaging with Celebrities

Earlier reading newspapers, film magazines, watching interviews was the only way to know about the likes, dislikes and hobbies of your favourite celebrity. Even for communicating and sharing the fans love was done by fan letters and emails. 

With the influence of social media, celebrities are there on social media platforms, where fans can message them. See their day to day lifestyle. 

Negative Influence of Social Media:

1. Cybercrime

In this age of social media, cybercrime has increased rapidly. Be it cyber-bullying, threatening a person on social media is a negative influence of social media. And most of these victims are children and people who are new to technology.

2. Burden of Social Media 

Nowadays, people are more interested in what you are eating, where have you checked in and with whom you are enjoying. Influence of social media is creating a burden on people. Where they feel necessary to post everything to showcase, they are living a happy life.

3. Fake News

The major issue that social media has is fake news, people, without any verification easily share any post which has no authentication. And that led to riots as well.

Well, social media is an important asset in this modern-day society. It has immense positivity, but it comes with the baggage of negativity as well. People need to use it with proper consciousness.

Happy Socialising!

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