Timeless Glamour Interior Design Tips

When it comes to decorating your home in a timeless fashion, it’s about bearing in mind aspects that don’t go out of fashion. After all, interior design is expensive, and you intend to live in your home for a number of years, so you want to set yourself up with something that’s still going to be as tasteful in 20 years’ time. That said, it’s important to tread the balance between timeless elegance and personal expression. Meanwhile, you also want to ensure aesthetics and function are simultaneously provided. So, detailed below are just some of the best interior design tips for timeless glamour.

Artwork or Sculptures

Sculptures and artwork play a huge role in creating a multidimensional space. Whether you cover your walls with contemporary wine racks or famous paintings, sculptures and artwork are important for evoking an emotional response from residents and visitors alike. What’s more, sculptures and artwork are essential for complementing designs and creating an overall interior design composition. In order to choose sculptures or artwork, you might consider your hobbies and interests to ensure they’re personal to you. Meanwhile, you might have a favourite artist whose pieces you can dot about your walls.

Harmony and Symmetry

In order to achieve a timeless design, harmony and balance needs to be created. This means that every element of the room should not only blend well with one another, but they must work together in a complementary fashion. This visual impact and elegant appeal should be effortlessly achieved, and it will be so long as the right elements are selected and continuously woven into the overall design. With every interior design purchase, you should consider whether it can effortlessly be incorporated into your existing space. It’s not enough to simply like a piece on its own.


Mirrors play a huge role in enhancing the perception of space. For instance, if you have a relatively small home, the use of mirrors can make it seem significantly larger. Not only this, but aesthetically pleasing mirrors also serve as simultaneously timeless and decorative pieces. Quite simply, a mirror can have a really powerful impact in a room, yet it’s so simple and relatively inexpensive, too. There are many styles of mirrors to choose from; it’s just about selecting the right one for the specific room. Each style has a different impact, so consider what you want from a room.


A room’s lighting plays a huge role in creating the ambience. From boldness and brightness to low and moody lighting, a room’s character stems heavily from its lighting style. Despite this, it isn’t just about the lighting itself; it’s also about the fixture. For instance, chandeliers result in instant glamour and grandeur; meanwhile, LED lighting creates a modern appearance and an illuminated space. The room’s purpose will typically determine what type of lighting is most appropriate. For instance, the kitchen and bathroom should be well-lit, whereas the bedroom or living room might get by on some low-level mood lighting.


Last but not least, a cluttered home isn’t a stylish one. This is because clutter disrupts the overall composition and flow of the space. Therefore, the answer to your problem might be ample storage space. Not only do you want this storage space to contain plenty of items, but you also want it to look good doing it. While the number one reason behind storage space is to serve a purpose, this isn’t to say that style should be sacrificed. Instead, it’s about treading the balance between the two. Ultimately, an organised space is a timeless one.

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