Top Skills Health Systems Leaders Swear By

Being a health systems leader means more than just showing empathy for others. Health systems professionals work tirelessly to translate complex information into workable plans to improve patient care and hospital standards.

As this can be a highly technical position, there will always be a few crucial skills you’ll need to wield if you want to excel. Certainly, studying online MSN degrees will help considerably.

But what are some of the innate and learned skills you’ll need to develop if you want to thrive in health systems leadership? Let’s take a look.

Technological Flexibility

As a health systems leader, you’ll be working with a variety of technologies. A background in technical knowledge, or at least some experience working with health tech, will lay a solid foundation for this career path.

The reasons for this are simple. As a systems lead, you’ll be responsible for delegating technology to support hospital teams and patients alike. This means you’ll need to be adept with the applicable software and hardware to confidently demonstrate their benefits to non-technical people.

You’ll also need to consult with software developers and representatives occasionally too, so you can ascertain how best to incorporate certain apps and programs into your plans.

Even a basic knowledge of how technology has already changed medicine is a fantastic start!


Communication skills are crucial if you’re determined to join the medical workforce in any form. Working as a health systems leader, you’ll need to communicate with various people, from staff to patients and tech developers.

Clear communication in this role is vital, especially if you’re attempting to explain complex ideas and processes to non-technical audiences. You need to be able to condense and simplify information, as well as to provide concise, inspiring data to the people who will be following your plans.

You should also be a confident communicator as you’ll handle a multitude of complex concerns and planning demands from day to day. You will need people to hang on your every word!


There will be no time or space to dither or worry in this position. You’ll need to thrive under pressure as a planner and systems administrator. This means you’ll need to be able to take detailed information and dissect and implement it on very short notice.

It’s all about balancing your zest for innovation while thinking on your feet. You need to be steady and reliable in a crisis, and always ready to change plans or at least be somewhat adaptable when situations change.

Is Health Systems Leadership Right for You?

If you genuinely care about making a difference in healthcare systems and enjoy designing plans to better support staff and patients, then it’s a career path you’ll want to look into.

Naturally, you’ll learn various skills when training or attending college, but there are always a few innate talents that will put you ahead of the game.

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