A Guide to Preparing for a Foreign Holiday

It might be your very first expedition to a foreign land, or you might be a seasoned traveller; either way, we offer some valuable information that should help you with your foreign holiday planning. Whether you are heading for a month in tropical Thailand or a couple of weeks in southern Europe, there is a lot that needs to be done prior to your departure date.

Health Insurance

Of course, you should never travel overseas without Pacific Cross health insurance and with online solutions, you can activate the policy whenever you are ready to head for the airport. They have a wide range of medical insurance policies to suit every budget and if you are taking the family on holiday, there are great family cover packages that save you money. It can be very expensive to have hospital treatment abroad and it simply isn’t worth the risk.

Do your Research

Whatever the country, you should carry some online research into the customs, culture and values; take a look at the predicted weather forecast and take note of the season, as this will help with packing. The more you learn about a nation’s history, the richer your holiday experience will be, plus you can find out some do’s and don’ts (every country has them). Create a daily itinerary after finding out about major attractions, while the web can also tell you where hidden gems are located.

Phrase Book

If you are going to Thailand for 3-4 weeks, you won’t be able to learn much of the language and a good English/Thai phrase book will cover any emergency communication. You can familiarise yourself with Thai numerics, so you will know what you are paying; days of the week, food and drink, all are words that you can pre-learn. Here are a few safety tips for backpackers.


If you are from the UK, you can travel to many countries and get a visa-on-arrival; otherwise you will have to contact the relevant embassy and obtain a tourist visa. This can be done online, so it isn’t too inconvenient and always make sure that you don’t overstay your visa. If you think you will stay on for a few more days, apply for an extension of your visa and all will be well.

Check for Entry Requirements

Although the pandemic is officially over, you should still check the entry requirements of your destination country, as there might be restrictions. Every country has their own protocols for foreign visitors and you are advised to take a look before you book your flights.

Regarding changing money, we recommend waiting until you arrive in your destination country, as this is where you’ll find the best exchange rates. You might have to change a little money at the airport, for transportation to your hotel, but change the bulk of your dollars or pounds when you are in the city; there are many exchange booths.

If this is to be your first time outside of your home country, be prepared for an amazing experience.

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