Finest Boutique Hotels For Your Upcoming Vacation

Perth, the capital of Western Australia, is sometimes disregarded in favour of Sydney and Melbourne, despite its abundance of charm, fascinating history, and breathtaking coast. The city is renowned for its year-round sunlight and thriving culinary and craft-beer cultures, as well as its museums, independent shops, chic new restaurants, and top-tier boutique hotels.

Whether you’re a Perth resident looking for a staycation or a visitor seeking a hotel with a touch of flair, you’ll want to reserve a few nights at one of these exquisite boutique hotels in Perth. They have all the small conveniences you’d expect from a fine hotel, a plethora of charm, and most of them are in prime locations, allowing you to hit the town, see the best of Perth, and then stagger back to your room at night. Here are eight of the best boutique hotels Perth for upcoming getaways.

1.Premier Mill Katanning

Katanning’s Premier Mill has a lengthy history, built in 1891. It served as the city’s physical and cultural centre. The building had fallen into ruin after a century, yet individuals were desperate to preserve the historical monument. With preservation in mind, the mill has been restored and renovated—not exactly to its previous splendour, but in a new, forward-thinking shape. Stay in one of their 22 tastefully appointed rooms, each representing the space’s individuality, whether it’s an ancient grain silo, a cosy boiler room, or a chamber once used to purify wheat and flour. The industrial atmosphere is contrasted by luxurious touches such as Aesop skincare and a Bang & Olufsen sound system.

2. Alex Hotel

Alex Hotel, one of the first on the market, established the standard for boutique hotels in Perth. Uniquely fashionable, the hotel eschewed fashion and instead catered to the desires of urban visitors. A strategic position surrounded by the greatest pubs and restaurants, in addition to a stylish, pared-down interior design with pleasant public places to work or relax and a spectacular dining room. This is the motel for someone who intends to paint the town crimson.

3.   Warders Hotel

Formerly the residence of the Fremantle Prison Warders, Matthew Crawford Architects’ Warders is one of the most historic and distinctive hotels in Perth. Now, the cottages have been converted into an 11-room hotel that appears entirely unassuming from the outside but on the inside conceals warm and comfortable spaces—each with wood flooring, thick green blackout curtains, large marbled bathrooms, and a portrait of a fictional historical woman to encourage guests to remember forgotten women throughout history.

4.   The Local Hotel

The Local Hotel, located in a lovely Victorian structure in Fremantle, combines a bar atmosphere with luxury accommodations. Modern and bright, with a tinge of industrial elegance, the rooms are created by blending soft carpets and fireplaces with steel-framed four-poster beds and exposed hanging light bulbs.

All of the rooms, from the smallest to a family hotel room, including The Snug, which has its own balcony, are cosy enough to cuddle up with a nice book and warm yourself by the fire. The Local Bar, the hotel’s original establishment, is located downstairs and serves uncomplicated basic cuisine such as steak sandwiches and wagyu beef burgers. In the evening, sit on a stool at either the Whiskey Bar, Front Bar or Local Garage for a choice of good old Australian beer, whisky on the rocks or an elegant cocktail.

5. Tribe

The tribe is a unique structure since the complete hotel was built abroad before being transported to Perth. This was the concept of Idle Architecture Studio, which opted to construct it using 63 prefabricated modules. Nevertheless, despite the very rapid construction, the hotel manages to preserve a stylish, laid-back aesthetic with many wide windows, pleasant lighting, and dark wood.

The hotel rooms are modest, but the vibrant accent walls and floor-to-ceiling park views make them seem opulent. Designed with everyone in mind, there is also a lounge area where you can relax with a drink and quiet living quarters ideal for working. Their café and bar focus on grab-and-go fare, which includes outstanding coffee and short meals. The café includes a menu for casual eating as well as a refrigerator stocked with salads and wraps to grab on the way out; in the evening, it transforms into a darkly lit bar selling local wines, beers, and snacks.

6. Perth’s QT

This high-rise boutique hotel in Perth is a world apart from the city’s drab corporate hotels due to its extravagant furniture, unique artwork, and serious splendour. In its place, the hotel has purple and gold elements everywhere, as well as brass, velvet, and black marble in the bedrooms, with the choice of a double shower or an egg-shaped bath for further indulgence. The hotel’s rooftop bar is one of the finest in the city for cityscape views, as well as drinks and bar snacks by moonlight.

7. The COMO Treasury

There is no better venue than the State Buildings if you want to feel a little posh. And if you’re in the mood to splurge, why not book a family hotel room at COMO The Treasury for a night or two with your friends or family? COMO The Treasury, perhaps Perth’s most prestigious hotel, is a 48-room haven of elegance in the heart of the city. Handcrafted furniture, extra-deep bathrooms, expansive windows, and king-size Grand Posture beds are just the tip of the iceberg. If you are in need of relaxation, the Shambhala Urban Escape can buff, polish, and massage you into a condition of profound calm.

8.The Hotel Hougoumont

Small yet strong, Hougoumont is elevated by its meticulous details. The inside makes the most of its tiny footprint, which was achieved by stacking shipping containers. Toiletries from Appellees Apothecary, quality linen, and the pillow menu provide a restful night’s sleep.


Boutique accommodations are distinguished by their upmarket ambience, personalised treatment, and attention to detail, such as luxury amenities and turndown service. They are an excellent option for your next staycation; you’ll feel as if you’ve travelled even though you’ve stayed close to home. Unique boutique accommodations are characterised by art, architecture, and design that will make your Instagram intriguing.

If you’re searching for a unique, eccentric, or just stunning getaway, boutique hotels in Perth have you covered. These accommodations may be as lively, edgy, or fairytale-romantic as desired, blending traditional services with modernised alternatives as effortlessly as the newest bestsellers and guilty-pleasure television. Let your vacation ideas become a reality with boutique hotels in Perth.

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