Eye Glasses Maintenance Tips That You Should Know

Glasses are an excellent way to enhance your vision if you suffer from certain eye conditions. You may consistently wear glasses when reading or watching television, and should visit an optometrist regularly.

However, it’s critical to take good care of your glasses and maintain them in excellent condition. Your optometrist will share multiple tips on how to do this.

Check out tips to ideas to help you take good care f your glasses:

1. Disinfect Your Eyeglasses Safely

Safely clean your eyewear. Wash your glasses with tepid water and a bar of mild dish soap you require. Massage the lens with soap before rinsing and dry it with a microfiber towel. Additionally, use the pre-moistened lens wipes, you can get these from a mobile Optician in your state. The wipes will make it easy to disinfect your glasses.

Do you know you can reduce your chance of developing eye infections from dust and bacteria? Achieve this by adhering to the surface of your eyeglasses by regularly cleaning them. Avoid using rub alcohol and other items containing ammonia or bleach; they can harm your eyeglasses’ lens coating.

2. Store Them Properly

Properly store your glasses when not in use. Doing this prevents them from getting dirty, twisted, or broken. Moreover, you will be assured they are out of children’s reach.

3. Grip Your Eyeglasses Firmly

Hold onto your eyewear securely. Hold the frames by the portion that crosses the middle of the nose while cleaning your eyeglasses. By doing this, you can avoid accidentally bending the frame. Bend frames make it difficult to see and your glasses will be uncomfortable.

4. Avoid Chemical Contact

Your glasses may be highly fragile. Specific lenses have films applied to them to give UV protection, crush or shatter resistance, or even improve your prescription. The most delicate component of your glasses is these films. And you can damage them easily when they come into contact with some abrasive agents.

 Never use a bathroom cleanser to clean your glasses. Other skin care products like lotions and sunscreen may be damaging to your eyewear. So, discuss this with your optometrist for guidance.

5. Use a Cleaning Solution

A simple rinse or a wipe is sufficient to restore your frames to peak condition. There are, however, instances where your glasses accumulate dust and dirt that won’t wash out easily. In such a case, obtain a cleaning solution from your optometrist. While other cleaners may work on different types of glass, they may be harsh resulting in damage.

6. Clean Daily

Cleaning is as simple as wiping down glasses with a soft cloth to get rid of contaminants. You can get rid of dust and other particles that may have gathered by spraying with compressed air through cleaning. The best way to go about this is to use a cloth explicitly manufactured for cleaning glasses.

Final Thoughts

Your daily eyewear routine should include regularly cleaning your eyeglasses. This will improve your vision and help you avoid skin problems like acne, blackheads, and eye infections. It’s also wise t have regular eye checkups, thus the need to visit your optometrist regularly.

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