Civil engineering Degree

Jobs You Can Get With a Civil engineering Degree

A civil engineering degree covers a lot of ground when it comes to learning about our world and how to deal with it, but you will have to decide on a specialty and pursue it in the future. Some of the most famous engineering jobs in Singapore waiting for you following your graduation are:

Construction manager

The bosses of the worksites are construction managers. Managers have to be the ears and eyes of the person who recruited them, with knowledge of the essential things, such as weather, prices, team and time management, and have to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

And the very best part? For a construction manager, the average wage is around EUR 62.900 / year. Not too shabby, that is.

Geotechnical engineer

Geo technicians need to be on the lookout for something relevant to nature and know how to handle the disposal of waste, flood control, when and where to build a dam or bridge, etc.

it, you’re going to be the fastest, Dam.

In addition to the pleasure of helping to shape the infrastructure worldwide, a geotechnical engineer will make up to 53,800 EUR / year.

And that’s the best satisfaction of all time!

Environmental engineer

Environmental engineers are the closest thing we have to superheroes, as they take care of the world and allow us (or just lovely living) to keep living here. You’re going to get to go and rebuild landscapes and nature from what other people are ruining; you’re going to get to demonstrate to everyone what a safe indoor and outdoor world is, and what to do to avoid wrecking our planet in the future.

You will also receive about 53,800 EUR / year in addition to being a fantastic person who keeps us safe.

Public Health engineer

Remember the scene in Tim Burton’s ‘Batman,’ where the penguins live in the sewer, and there’s even an evil lair? As a public health engineer, theoretically, you’re going to be responsible for that never happens!

You take care of people in villages and towns by managing the water supply and drainage system, ensuring the water is safe and villain-free.

And you might also be making about 51,400 EUR / year on top of fighting crime.

Transportation engineer

Do you think it’s just public transportation? Not only do all these subways, trams, bridges, highways, and so on spring from nowhere: there are top transport engineers, taking care of us to get home on time or not to wait for your bus in the rain, like the most tragic figure in literature. In addition to helping individuals achieve their destination, you can also earn around EUR 54,000 / year.

Urban planning engineer

The closest thing you can get to playing with your childhood legos may be urban planning: determining where to put a house, where

a road should be located, how to surround a park with a fence, how not to put a school near a prison, etc.

You will get paid 57.700 EUR per year, which is like being paid to have fun, in addition to building your city, like a mad scientist.

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