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5 Tips for Choosing the Best Finish for Wood Doors

The best finish for wood doors can be matte, glossy, natural, or rustic. It can be anything, depends on your choice and the interiors of your place. Every finish depending on multiple factors such as the type of wood, your place’s temperature and humidity, the thickness of applied material, or it can be the age of the finish. 

A wooden door requires regular maintenance. This includes grooming, regular cleaning, as the door ages over the times. Because some factors like smoke, dust, and industrial pollution can damage the wooden surface. So, regular maintenance is a must for their shine.

We are sharing the list of the best finish for wood doors. It can be useful for you and you can try any one finish according to your convenience and choice. 

Finishing products for wood doors 

The best finish for wood doors you choose depends on how well you want to protect the surface of the door. How well the finish will look, is that finish is easy to apply, and how well the finish will hold up. Finishing products come in different categories according to how they work and the protection they can offer. These finishing categories are wax, oil, lacquer, varnish, shellac, and water-based finish. 

Each finish holds different characteristics, but include durability, some form of protection, ease of application, and aesthetics. Hence, you must choose that finish that is suitable for your wood door and goes with your project. Like, wax and oil finishes are easy to apply and it makes looking of wood rich and natural, but these are not durable. If you want the best finish for wood doors, think wisely

Durable finishes for wood doors

Durability is the main feature in selecting the best finish for wood doors. You can measure durability by a finish’s resistance to water, solvents, chemicals, scratches, and heat. For example, wax, shellac, and lacquer finish can be damaged by the water, and on these finishes, scratches can be visible easily. So, the best finish for wood doors can be a chemically cured finish. Like, catalyzed lacquer, urethane, or conversion varnish are usually can be the best option for durability. 

The previous paint

If you are doing the renovation on existing doors then you have to think about the paint that used to be there. If your door is in a dark color, harder to paint over that. Hence, choose the right paint that can be workable of showing over dark brown, black doors, or dark wood. Or you can try to remove the existing paint. It will give you a fresh look and allow the wood to absorb the new paint.  

You can also try some unusual colors for wood doors for an eye-catching look. Like, you can try bright colors such as yellow, green, or red. These colors can give a boost to your interior. If you use some different colors for wood doors, you will add more prepositions on the doors and indicate that something interesting and fun hides in the room. You can paint your children’s room doors pink or blue. It is all up to you. You can paint your office door in a bright color to brighten the workdays. Go with your imaginations and creativity. 

Type of wood

When you want the best finish for wood doors, it depends on the type of wood that is. If you want simple and cheap doors you can opt for some mixes of wood scrap doors. And for the best look, especially if you want to make doors alive and go well with interiors inside the home, you should choose walnut, mahogany, oak, maple, or pine doors. These all are good and long-term quality woods that will ensure style and comfort for decades. 

Full wooden doors are the most beautiful element for your house. They alone are capable to enhance the value of your house. 

Type of paint

Paint should be of high quality if you want the best finish for wood doors. Paint must have good pigmentation, filler, be binding, and additional additives. Each quality has a role, the pigment gives the color to doors, the binding base has the task of making the texture of the paint. The filler task is to keep the color stable and shine. Hence, consider high-quality paint for your wood doors. 

So, consider these tips, each finish can come out completely different depending on many factors. We hope you will get the best finish for wood doors. 

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