Simple Tips for Keeping Your Car Interior Smelling Good and Fresh

The smell of new leather after you buy a new car is pleasant. Unfortunately, the scent does not last long after using your car. If you develop bad habits while in the car, you might start dealing with weird smells that might make staying in the car uncomfortable. However, there is nothing to worry about. You can keep your car’s interior smelling good and fresh as long as you do some things. Here is what you need to do.

Clean the Air Vents

One of the main culprits of bad smell in the car is dirty air conditioner vents. The unit accumulates dirt, germs, and bacteria with time. It causes mold buildup and other issues, causing a bad smell. Therefore, it is good to keep the vents clean. You can wash them yourself and the air filter too. Paying for car air con servicing is vital to ensure the unit is in good condition. The expert will check the components and fix any broken parts. They will also clean the drain to remove dirt and debris.

Use Scented Candles

Another good way to keep your car smelling fresh is by using scented candles. There are numerous fragrance options you can pick based on what you like. You can leave the candle under the seats in a jar to allow the aroma to diffuse in your car. This way, you will enjoy the smell whenever you enter the vehicle.

Clean the Mats

The mats on the floor of your car are crucial for collecting dirt from your feet. If you notice that the smell in the car does not go away after spraying the air freshener or using the methods mentioned above, the issue could be from the floor mats. Clean the rugs regularly using detergent and water and leave them in the sun for some time. Vacuum the carpet to leave the car fresh before putting the mats back into the car.

Don’t Eat or Smoke in the Car

Eating or smoking in the car could be another reason why the smell in your vehicle is unpleasant. The odor from food or cigarettes will linger for a long time. It is best to smoke or eat outside the car. If you have to eat in the vehicle, use plastic wraps to hold the food crumbs.

Use Baking Soda

Sodium bicarbonate, or baking soda, is one of the most used household items. However, its use extends beyond the kitchen. It serves as an excellent deodorizer for cars. By sprinkling baking soda on the floor, seats, and mats, you can improve the smell of the interior. You can add essential oil in a container to the baking soda and leave it in the car. It helps freshen up the air inside.

Clean Upholstery

While vacuuming and spraying air freshener will help keep out dust and bad smells, you may also have stains on the seats. Use soapy water or baking soda to remove stains on the upholstery. Make it a habit to remove stains to keep the interior looking and smelling good when you notice them.

Final Thoughts

These are simple and doable ways of keeping your vehicle’s interior smelling and looking good. Make it a habit of cleaning your car and maintaining it if you want to be a happy car owner.

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