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Welcome the New Year with Style Using Fashionable Trends

Although it feels like 2020 was just yesterday, there are only a few months left before 2021 bids goodbye. The past and present years weren’t the most idyllic, but good things still helped brighten up everyone’s day. Take, for example, the fast discovery of the vaccine against COVID-19 and how more businesses are recovering from the financial losses they have incurred. 

Another great thing about the coming year, especially for fashion-forward individuals, is the new and old styles emerging in the fashion world. To welcome the new year with style and bid 2021 fashion farewell, here are the pieces that should fill your 2022 wardrobe. 

High-teen Preppy Look

If you’re unfamiliar with the high-teen style, think of the iconic show and film Gossip Girl and Clueless. The high-teen look is famous for uniform-style fashion comprised of coordinating designs, plus vintage clothing enhanced with modern touches. You can achieve this look by wearing midi skirts, oversized blazers over a blouse or a shirt. Boots, stockings, or knee-high socks can also improve this style. 

Cropped Cardigans

Fashion styles come and go, and cropped cardigans aren’t an exception. In past fashion scenes, people mostly wore cropped cardigans with dresses, finishing it off with a cute pair of sandals. In 2022, you can match it with a skirt, pants, and bralette tops and wear sneakers or leather boots for added flair. 


Denim has always been an esteemed and permanent part of the fashion industry, and it’s seldom not in the ensemble of any runway. In the coming year, denim will once again take its spot in fashion. It’s a versatile piece that comes as a jacket, a pair of jeans, and a dress, giving it the liberty to go well with everything.   

Bralette Tops

Bralette tops have dominated the style scene in the past year, not only as a form of casual wear but also as a popular choice for formal settings. Its versatility has earned a rightful place in the gym, office, and dressy affairs. To cop this look, you can pair it with biker shorts, pants, and a long skirt, depending on your engagement. 

Military Style

Military-style fashion will also take center stage in the coming year. You’d better fill your closet with pairs of khakis, coats, and jackets in various shades of green. Besides green pieces, a belt, camouflage design items, and combat boots will also help you channel out this look. 

Greek Mythology

More on the laid-back and formal side of fashion, the Greek style can go both ways and make you a head-turner, no matter the occasion. Greek-style is prominent for its flowy dresses and lace sandals. If you want to charm party-goers or use this theme during vacation, those are the essentials you need.  

See-through Wear 

2022 is all about bold fashion without leaving the league of elegance. See-through wear can be challenging to rock when you don’t match it with the right pieces. This style features mesh material that covers yet exposes most of your body, but it also comes with solid fabric for added charm. Since this style is mostly for formal affairs, you can accessorize using a classic diamond-studded ring and a pair of chic earrings. For your footwear, you can wear pumps or bedazzled heels. 

Checkered Prints 

Gingham almost has a similar appeal as high-teen style, though, as it’s named, it is notable for its archetypal checkered pattern. You can wear gingham on days when you are primarily going for the sweet and lovely vibe. These dresses often come loose or fitted and sleeved or with spaghetti laces. Aside from being stylish on its own, it’s also easy to find footwear for — you can go for classic kicks, heels, and comfy slides.

Crocheted Pieces

Crocheted garments have always been stylish and comfortable looking, and it’s probably due to the countless individuals who took up the hobby to keep boredom at bay during the pandemic that this style is making a grand comeback. Although often seen as comfortable clothing, these pieces also suit formal events, as long as it showcases a dressy vibe.  

Metallic Colors

Like see-through clothing, metallic colors also feature bold accents that you can only work right by pairing with the best pieces. From pants to dresses to tops, metallic-style clothing comes in various cuts that are surprisingly easy to match. The key to stunning the crowd with these pieces is donning them on with softer hues and materials. It’s the classic contrast method that can help balance it out and make it stand out. 

Make Way for a Stylish Year

2022 is coming, and as a way to attract a better year, you can welcome it by wearing iconic pieces and setting the style meter high for the rest of the year. By checking out the suggestions above, you can create the perfect wardrobe for the coming year.

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