All You Need To Know About Prankowl

You know, the best thing about pranks is you can capture the hilarious reactions of your troubled friends. Like, how funny it is to annoy your best friends and comically take those tiny revenge on calls. And it is true that not everyone can play pranks. Maybe, you’re one of them who knows nothing about pranks. But nothing to worry about my friend. We have something thrilling to share with you – Prankowl.

About PrankOwl

Prankowl is one of the best prank websites that allow you to make prank calls anonymously. And in this blog, you will learn what is Prankowl and how to prank your friends via Prankowl.

As someone said, nothing comes free. Here, I want to prove that person wrong that Prankowl comes for you free. It offers 3 free tokens through which you can probably make 3 free prank calls.

To redeem them you don’t have to have any technical knowledge. Just a few click and there you go!

Besides this, we were amazed by this website’s other features. It has premium features like Sound Prank, Operator Prank, Spoof Call, and Hear Rection, which are worth spending.

Now you know what exactly Prankowl is. So, without further delay let’s learn how to use it to make your time jolly.

How To Use Prankowl – Step By Step Guide

You have to follow 5 steps to achieve this success. We called it ‘roadmap to prank calls’.

1) Create Your Caller Id

You will have to add a contact of your choice. When your friend receives your call, he/she needs to see a contact which obviously not going to be yours. Adding a contact will help you to create a Caller ID. And one thing we recommend you when your friend picks the call is to start asking him/her questions. Perhaps, telling your friends they have won free coupons or prize will also make them fools instantly.

2) Add Your Contact

Yes, that’s right! It’s the Prankowl who wants your contact to connect you with your friends not others. Your contact will used to connect you with other not to display on your friendsscreen.

3) Need Your Friend’ Contact

You need to enter your friend’s contact who you want to prank on. Before you send this ensure you have the right contact details. We don’t want you to be in trouble or you pranking the wrong person.

4) Set Duration

By default, it sets 1 minute for minimum and maxes to 4 minutes. But we recommend you to extend as long conversations are often funny!

5) Start The Call

Now, there you go. After all that, it’s time to wear your seat belts and hit the ‘start the call’ button on the website to enjoy the amazing experience.

Price Of Prankowl Token

Although PrankOwl offers 3 free tokens to make free prank calls. And we guess that’s an amazing deal to get you started with pranks.

Do you know? Only a few websites allow you to make this happen – Prankowl is one of them.Its free service is so excellent just imagine how fruitful the premium features will!

You very well known the fact, to make calls you need tokens. When you finished using the free ones, you have to buy the new ones. So to get access to its features like spoof calls and operator pranks.

And the price of every token depends upon the amount of purchase you make.

Like, you will need 1 token to make one call if it is local. But you will need 2-3 tokens to make out of the local call. For best use, we recommend you purchase tokens on packages.When you will buy a large quantity you will pay lesser. For instance, for tokens of 55, you will have to pay $11, whereas 100 tokens will charge you $16.

Now, you know how much will it cost you to make prank calls. Let’s learn why you should go for Prankowl instead of other pranking websites.

4 Reasons To Use PrankOwl

There is a reason why we say Prankowl is phenomenal. But we have collected 4 reasons that will convince you to take actions on buying a premium plan.

1) Free Tokens

Now, you know how Prankowl tokens charge you when you wish to access its premium features. However, its free options are so impressive that you could suggest it to your other mates too. Obviously, you wouldn’t to those who you make pranks on.

Well, Prankowl offers 3 tokens which could probably use for 3 calls. Like I said before, it totally depends upon where you live and whom you call. To learn about it in detail you have to visit its official website.

Did you know? Why product or any brand-specific in tech-related services offer free stuff? To attract them for premium offerings. No doubt! Its free service is great and convenient to use but going for prank call credits is definitely going to be a fruitful decision.

2) Best Sound Pranks

Prankowl amazed us with its sound prank feature. Free tokens are great but this calling service is beyond one’s imagination. It offerspre-recorded messages to prank on friends.

You will see a ‘pizza order’ sound where there will be the voice of a delivery guy who will confuse your friend about an order. ‘Don’t message my Boyfriend’ is one of the best, where random voice will talk to your friends and yells on to cause discomfort and fear.

We’re certain you will like this which is our personal favourite ‘hey it’s Sarah’. The voiceover of a female who will disturb your friend with her vulnerability. Basically, this female voice will confront your friends and ask for help which going to be a weird experience for your mate.

3) Operator Prank – Make Your Friends Call Each Other

Once in our life, we all had this experience where our call gets connected to any other random number. And we ended up saying – Sorry! Wrong number. That happens due to diversion in connectivity.

Here, PrankOwl has something amazing to offer you which is kind of similar to it. Something that will make your friends connected in a way as if they have dialled the number. It’s like one friend answers the call and says “Hey! Who is this?” and the other one responds “You called me. You tell me, who are you!”

The operator prank is a unique way to prank two friends simultaneously as it hides both of them personal contact. So, no one would really know who was there on the other line.

To do so, you have to set the Caller ID to display the desired number on your friends’ screen before you make a prank call.

4) Hear Reactions

It’s not only about prank calls that excite you sometimes it’s the recording that can make you laugh out louder. PrankOwl is best in many ways. Spoof calls and operator pranks are exceptional but its hear feature is next level!

You can listen to all kinds of prank calls by prompting a few steps.

There is an option called ‘hear reactions’ that you will open a ton of recorded calls by other pranksters. You can listen to them anytime while travelling or in your leisure time.

The best part is Prankowl has aligned this list of recorded calls in a way that viewerswill like them. So, make sure you listen to them and let us know which one made you laugh like a baby.

How To Block Your Number From PrankOwl?

Sometimes, the table turns and you become the target of others. It’s you who receive all the prank calls from Prankowl that becomes overwhelming to deal with.In such a situation, all you can do is to block your number from the website permanently.

All you have to do is visit the website and enter your number to block from Prankowl permanently. You have to select one of two options given on the website. After that, you will not receive any prank calls from PrankOwl from anyone. And this how you avoid someone playing pranks on you.

In Conclusion

Prankowl is usually the one we want to play a prank on. Prankowl is the best prank call website that offers free calls. We may pull a variety of pranks on our mates. You can prank call your friends by switching phone numbers. There is also the ability to use a different number such that a different number appears on the caller id.

Overall, we should think of Prankowl as our one-stop-shop for all prank calls. The greatest thing about this website is that I can hear the responses that were captured while doing the prank; this is the most amusing part for us. There is an advantage of using Prankowl because they pledge to keep your phone number secure and spam-free. So Prankowl is our alternative for pulling a prank on our peers. Please let us know when you will be using this and how your experience will be.

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