What Kinds Of Foods Can I Add Granola Into?

Granola can be a mix of maple syrup, honey, nuts, and rolled oats. You can eat it as a midday snack or mixed into baked goods for breakfast or served over yogurt.

Whether you enjoy eating granola as a healthy breakfast cereal or evening dish, there are several types of foods you may add. Some of the foods you can add to your granola include:

1. Chickpeas

Although this might not seem like an obvious ingredient to add to your granola, its slightly buttery and nutty taste will give your granola a delightful touch.

Of course, with the help of ginger and nutmeg, you may add some tasty spices. A great way to enjoy this is to add some coconut yogurt, almond milk, and fresh berries.

2. Breadcrumbs for Granola

If you don’t have breadcrumbs in the fridge, granola is a perfect combination of nutrients. Just put one cup of granola and smash it using a flat end of your spoon to have crumb-like consistency.

Afterward, slightly coat your chicken or fish in coconut oil and dredge the mixture in granola crumbs. Cook the protein as usual.

3. Apple Slices

Slice one or two apples and spread butternut onto every slice. Afterward, sprinkle some granola onto those apple slices.

If you like, drizzle some honey over those slices of apples for more sweetness. You can enjoy this sweet and simple breakfast any day, any time.

4. Muffins

Unexpected and crunchy toppings can be distinguished from good muffins from great ones. Although some individuals prefer using crumbled brown sugar so as to achieve this, a crunchier, healthier, and perfect way to dress humble muffins is topping them with some granola before baking the mixture.

5. Pancakes with Granola

Consider stirring one cup of granola into the batter, which is made from a 7 oz—whole-wheat pancake mix. Ensure you coat a big non-stick skillet using a cooking spray before heating over medium heat.

Consider sprinkling around one tablespoon of granola onto the pan and top it with ¼ cup batter for every pancake. Cook both sides until they turn golden brown.

6. Dessert

Most households recommend preparing a healthy and delicious yogurt parfait with some granola to serve as a dessert. Add some fresh fruits, like strawberries, raspberries, or sliced peaches, into a glass, then add a spoonful of granola and yogurt.

Continue to layer to those ingredients until your glass is full. In order to make your dessert more decadent, you may use flavored or vanilla ice cream rather than yogurt.

The Takeaway!

These days, there are several granola varieties, all featuring combination of sweets, seeds, nuts, and fruits. Most come packaged, whereas others might be portioned from bulk food sections in a grocery store.

Whichever type of granola you prefer, you can consider adding other foodstuffs. These may include ice cream, slices of apples, and muffins, just to name a few.

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