With a Bit of Effort, You Can Say Goodbye to Those Love Handles!

When people think of summertime, most associate the season with outdoor activities and exciting plans with their friends, which most deserve after all the struggles these past two years. And once you accumulate all the hours spent just slacking on the couch or staring at a computer screen, it’s a fair assumption to expect a sharp increase in people planning road trips, beach escapades, and every possible pursuit at their disposal.

That said, no one can deny that the trend of building a beach body and beautiful physique is alive and strong even today. Since most people have been putting aside their training regimens, it’s going to be a tough four months ahead for cutting back down. But anyone can do it with the right approach and a good enough guide, of which the latter this blog post can help you with ASAP!

Get into the Habit of Morning Jogs

Firstly, an excellent way to start your four-month-long training journey would be getting into the habit of morning jogs. Cardio always plays a crucial role for anyone trying to shred body fat. It’s easily the most accessible way of burning off extra calories and getting your metabolism in the right frame of mind too.

Then again, some people might find it a bit difficult to follow. This goes extra if they’re newbie runners with zero background in athletics, track, or general physical activities. In this case, you can start slow and not push your miles too hard. A steady flow will help you fall in love with the sport much faster.

Just try not to overdo it. While running is great for slimming down, too much running is geared toward a thinner physique, especially at the long-distance competitive levels.

Incorporate a Bit More Movement in All Activities

Second, as an alternative to morning jogs, even incorporating a bit more movement in your daily responsibilities is perfect for squeezing out more calories burned. For example, suppose you’re still working at home and can comfortably run a remote position. In that case, you can try going up and down the stairs a few more times than usual to keep your heart rate up.

Of course, nothing’s stopping you from doing this at your office space as well. Just be mindful not to disturb anybody else’s work and see if it impedes your productivity too.

If you’re not too worried about buying new stuff, purchasing a standing desk or an under-desk elliptical are effective methods you can try.

Get a Local Gym Membership ASAP

Third on this list is probably the most popular option yet. Say you haven’t gone to your local gym to check the membership rates. You get a gym membership as soon as you’re free because nothing beats getting in a good workout through resistance training. Remember, your muscles respond and grow the most with progressive overload. Whether you’re a newbie or someone who’s thrown in the towel for quite some time, you can make quick progress in your first three months.

You might even surprise yourself with how much better you’ll look in front of the mirror and a few lighting arrangements. Be sure to track your progress with photos to better adapt your workout splits for improving leg mass or building a wider back with bigger arms.

Be Mindful of Everything You Cook and Eat

Last but not least, no matter how much time and effort you put into exercise, you should put equal amounts into planning your meals and learning new recipes as well. You see, being mindful of everything you cook and eat will give you a huge advantage in weight management and body recomposition. You can monitor how many calories you’re consuming and what macronutrients you might be lacking.

Plus, it’s just fun to try out new recipes and explore different dieting plans, indirectly improving your cooking and preparation skills in the process. Something you, your friends, and loved ones will enjoy the next time you’re inside the kitchen.

If You’re Struggling, Consult a Doctor!

While some of the general advice above should technically work for most people, you must consult with a doctor if you’ve noticed struggles in losing weight or being constantly tired. Sometimes, it’s not a mental thing or a mindset change, but more of a disease, illness, or imbalance in your body that’s preventing you from making the dots connect. 

You Might Be Experiencing Hormonal Changes

Hormonal changes have a way of bringing out the worst symptoms like inability to lose weight, painful headaches, and joint pain, to mention a few. As such, this might be a sign of thyroid problems, so meet with a reliable physician or the closest wellness center to clear up any misunderstanding.

Perhaps the Stress Is Getting to You

Apart from internal triggers, external ones like stress and anxiety can also deter any fitness and wellness progress. And while some consider themselves reasonably capable of managing their worries, you can meet with a professional. That way, they can help sort through some bottled-up emotions and go over your schedule to free more time for yourself. 

Summer will be upon us very soon, and while making changes now may seem a little bit too late, anyone can reach their body goals with enough hard work. So clear your mind of any negative thoughts and start your training regimen.

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