5 Car Care Tasks You Can Do On Your Own

On average, we spent almost 15% of our incomes on car repair, maintenance, and other related stuff.  But we can cut these expenses by doing some of the not-so-complicated car care tasks by ourselves.  Here are some of the car repair tasks we can do at home.

1.  Washing your Car

This probably is the easiest car repair task you can do at home and without a hustle. To professionally wash your car, you need the basics- water, soap, towel, and the will to get the job done.

It is very simple, use soap and a towel to get the dirt off your car. Start from the top and work all the way down and rinse after scrubbing. After finishing, for your car to maintain that beautiful luster apply Nexgen Ceramic Spray. This is a professionally formulated spray that forms an impenetrable layer of protection.

2. Cleaning your Headlights

Out of the many parts of the car that are pretty easy to clean, the headlight is not one of them.  Yes, you might remove all the dirt from the headlight, but a few water droplets may cause streaks and permanent spots. Thus, they require special care. Click here to find out tips on how to remove water spots from the car.

3.  Removing Dirt from the Windshield wiper

Clean windshield wipers last longer and do not depreciate easily. To maintain their sparkly nature, you need to clean them more often. If your blades are rusty, remove them and replace them with new ones. For other car parts that require special attention, use Last Coat Ceramic Spray– it repels water and lasts the shiny luster.

4.  Blackening Tires

Tires are often overlooked when it comes to cleaning. Most car owners think they were meant to be dirty because they roll on dirt. That is true but, tires are more beautiful when you blacken them using tire shines.  After that, ensure your car tires are protected from water that will otherwise cloud their shimmer. Experts suggest that you use ceramic tire coating for this. You might as well check our detailed ceramic application procedure by clicking on how to apply ceramic coating.

5.  Restoring Paint

Painting a car is very expensive. Normally, you will spend around $900 on painting your car, but the price might go as high as $ 4500 if you customize the paint and get an attractive finish. Are you ready to spend all that money yet you can restore a car’s paint?

In our quest to find a solution to this money-draining issue, we compiled a step-by-step approach to restoring car paint. This car paint restoration article is easy to understand, and you will be surprised to find out how cheap the procedure is.

We cannot explore the broad topic of how to take care of your car at home.  There are so many things we will be dropping on our website concerning the same topic. But if you need your car to retain that shiny look after washing, use some of the recommended products above.

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