Some Easy Ways to Give Yourself a Fever

Do you know that fever is one of our body’s most basic ways of protecting us from harmful bacteria and viruses? Sometimes we want to get sick to break the routine life. To give yourself a fever you can take a rest from your daily schedule and can do relax at home. But inducing fever at home can be risky. Hence, you should take great caution if you do it. 

To find out the ways to give yourself a fever, may seem strange to some people. But fever is a natural and helpful process for our body. There are many ways to give yourself a fever. Let me remind you one thing that always best to ask your doctor to be sure that these are safe for your particular situation before trying any method. 

Some easy ways to give yourself a fever

Hard Exercises

We all know that exercises generate body heat. Hence, you can try some hard exercises to give yourself a fever. But remember do not overdo any exercise. Because overdoing can damage your muscles and you can get unbearable pain along with fever. 

Do exercise in the supervision. Sweating during doing exercises can mimic the symptoms of fever. Because when our body gets exhausted, it will get fever easily. So, exercises can help you to give yourself a fever. Push yourself for some exercises beyond your capacity. 

Have Spicy Food

Spicy food also can help you to give yourself a fever. There are some foods available which can give you a fever. You can eat that spicy food for fever. These food items are jalapeno, peppercorns, and dishes of red pepper. 

You can try this food to give yourself a fever. 

Have Brown Rice 


Brown rice in every meal can also increase your body temperature. Because brown rice has a complex carbohydrate, which can give your digestive system a challenge. Your digestive system heats you from inside. So, you can try brown rice also to give yourself a fever. Quinoa and buckwheat can also do some work. 

Consume More Coconut Oil

Coconut oil contains a medium-chain triglyceride. That aids in elevating core body temperature. Its fat is converted into energy that’s why your body temperature can be increased by having coconut oil. 

Keep Onion in Your Armpit

Onion increases the temperature of your body if you keep them in your armpits. You can leave the raw onion in your armpit for overnight to do the action. But you can catch the smell of onion. So, apply cologne or lotion on your armpit in the morning to cover the smell of onion. 

Drink Hot Beverages 

Hot beverages or drinks can warm your body and can give you a fever. Because after having that you will sweat and your body temperature will increase in that situation. For that, drink hot drinks frequently. You can have hot tea, coffee, hot milk, or hot water to give yourself a fever. 

Wear Layers of Clothes 

To keep your body warm you can try layers of clothing. When your body temperature will increase you will automatically get fever. So, you can wear sweaters or jackets to raise your body temperature. You can also wrap yourself in a blanket to give yourself a fever in the summers. 

After measuring the temperature remove some layers of clothing. Otherwise, you can get the high fever. 

You can try blankets also to cover yourself. It will also help you to give yourself a fever. 

Try Raw Ginger Under Your Armpit

Like onions, ginger also increases the body temperature where it is applied. To give yourself a fever, wash the ginger properly then crush it. After that apply the paste of crushed ginger overnight. Or you can apply this a few hours before the measurement of temperature.

Or you can have it raw if you can. A thumb-sized piece of raw ginger is enough to give yourself a fever. Ginger will increase the digestive activity of your system. Thereby your body temperature will increase automatically. 

Take a Bath With Cold Water

You can also try this to give fever to yourself. Take a bath with cold water. Do not wipe yourself and then sit in an AC room or the open-air with minimal clothes. But first, take advice from your doctor for this. 

Do Fasting

Do fasting to give yourself a fever. Do not eat anything to weaken your body. Do complete fasting. When your body does not get anything then it will start to weaken. And you would get fever. 

Skip Your Sleep

When you do not get enough sleep then you can elevate your temperature. Try to wake up at least for 24 hours to give yourself a fever. To keep yourself forcefully awake can give you a fever and can weaken you also. 

Heat the Thermometer


This is the easiest way to fake your fever. You can heat the thermometer to raise the temperature in that. A cup of hot tea, coffee, or hot water can be used for this. You can immerse the thermometer into a hot cup of water and when the temperature raises then keep that thermometer in your mouth to show that you have a fever. 

Remember one thing that hot water or tea should not be extremely hot. Because in extremely hot water thermometer could be a break. 

If you don’t have hot water then you can rub the tip of the thermometer to raise the temperature of it. Also, you can place the tip near the light bulb to raise its temperature. 

These were some easy ways to give yourself a fever. But please before apply any idea or trick, consult your doctor first. Do not put yourself at risk. Because our life is very precious and we should take care of it. You should have a valid reason to induce the fever. But if you do not have one then please don’t think about giving yourself a fever. After having a fever keep yourself hydrated to stay safe.

Before doing anything, think twice!!

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