Ten best-paying jobs for engineering diploma students

Engineering is undoubtedly one of the most common career options for many young people in the world. However, the field isn’t just for four-year graduates searching for new opportunities. Thousands of students are searching for Mechanical diploma jobs in Singapore, but they are getting lost in the process. We dug deep into the sector and have compiled a list of the top 10 jobs for engineering diploma holders! Let’s take a look at some of them.

Even though there are many choices available for fresher engineering diploma degrees, many fresher aspirants struggle to find a job that suits their qualifications and hard work over the years. It’s largely due to the myth that only four-year engineering graduates can get good jobs in the industry. We looked into it and discovered that engineering students with a diploma could apply for various blue-collar jobs.

The following are the top ten jobs for Engineering Diploma holders:

Mechanical Engineer

A diploma in mechanical engineering does not attract the same high-paying employment as a four-year mechanical engineering degree, but it is one of the highest-paying jobs in its own right.

A fresher mechanical engineering aspirant can earn up to Rs 6 lakh per year, depending on their core skills, grades, and the institution from which they graduated.

Mechanical Design Engineer

A mechanical design engineer differs from a mechanical engineer in that design engineers are usually responsible for planning the design before the engineers begin working on the actual product.

Mechanical design engineers are most often needed in the automotive industry, arriving after automobile scientists have completed research and development and blueprints for how the cars/vehicles would look. Though the pay at the start of your career may be low, you may earn up to Rs 6 lakh per year after a few years of experience.

Piping Designer

A piping designer can expect to earn around Rs 5 lakh per year, depending on the employer’s skills. This person ensures that fluid transportation solutions in various industries are good and effective. You may also search for short-term individual ventures, which are often available from large corporations.

Electrical Design Engineer

An electrical engineer earns about Rs 4 lakh per year, but pay scales vary widely depending on experience. As a result, after a few years, you can expect to be offered very competitive pay packages. ETAP and AutoCAD are the most sought-after skills.

State Government Assistant Engineer

At any given time, the state governments of various states have projects underway for which vacancies are advertised on government websites. To get the work, you may have to take an interview. Some of them can take a few years of experience, but the pay is commendable, as are the other benefits of working for the government.

Safety/Support Personnel at Airports

Before every flight takes off, security staff at the airport inspects the machinery and performs technical checks. The role is under the Airport Authority of India and pays well. The work requires a diploma in aeronautical engineering, but anyone with a diploma in engineering can apply. Because of the expected development in the aviation industry, there will be more openings for security personnel at airports.

Project Managers

While most big-budget, high-risk engineering positions go to four-year graduates, these projects need project managers, and Diploma candidates are favoured over freshers from other fields of study.

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